Project on revival of aboriginal breeds of livestock «Altyn Tuyak»

Organization:                                                       Consortium «ALTYN TUYAK»

The «Altyn Tuyak» consortium consists of four non-governmental organizations representing two indigenous peoples (Kyrgyz and Buryats) of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Sayan-Altai bio-cultural zone. The members of consortium also harmoniously represent two interrelated and in-demand areas of activity: two organizations specialize directly and have significant experience in agriculture, two organizations specialize and have vast experience in modern rethinking and practical revival of the spiritual and cultural identity and traditional knowledge of nomadic indigenous people of post-Soviet space.


Kyrgyzstan- Peace Building Center, Rural Development Fund, Federation

Buryatia-Russia – BBCIC

Period: August 2019 – July 2020

The mission of the Consortium is to restore traditional agriculture and natural landscapes of nomadic peoples of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Sayan-Altai through the revival of aboriginal animal breeds; and contribution to the conservation of bio-cultural diversity on Earth.

At this stage, the proposed project of Consortium, which focuses on reviving aboriginal animal breeds of the peoples of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Sayan-Altai, has two interrelated goals:

(1) to restore the gene pool of two aboriginal animals, the Kyrgyz horse and Buryat cow, as a basis for the restoration of nomadic pastoralism and pasture ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan and Buryatia;

(2) to regain the spiritual-cultural identity and interconnection of nomadic indigenous peoples of Pamir, Tien-Shan and Sayan-Altai in the field of aboriginal livestock breeding and pastoralism.